How to Open a Perfume Bottle and Refill It

How to Open a Perfume Bottle and Refill It

Everyone feels great when they smell nice.

And wearing perfume is, therefore, a desirable thing to do.

If you are fond of wearing perfume and like to do so, on a regular basis, then you will want to carry your perfume bottle with you even while you are on the go, when traveling to another city or town for work or for leisure.

For this purpose, you will need to know how to open a perfume bottle and refill it, so as to apply perfume regularly instead of having to go even a single day without wearing any scent. In order to understand better how to open a perfume bottle and refill it, read on.

Refill A PerfumeI. Refilling Metal Travel Bottles from Perfume Atomizers

1. The first step that you need to take in order to refill a perfume bottle in the best possible way is to take the cap as well as the sprayer off from the main perfume bottle. The sprayer constitutes the button on the bottle that is pressed down to release the perfume while the cap is the glass or plastic attachment on the bottle that protects the sprayer. The cap can be removed by simply lifting it up and placing it to the side. The sprayer can be pulled off gently after that with the help of your fingers. The vertical short sized nozzle that is a characteristic feature of the sprayer will remain on the bottle as it is.

2. The second step to take is to pull the metal casing off the travel perfume bottle. Metal perfume bottles particularly the travel perfume bottles are those that come with outside casings for the purpose of protecting inside units. The casing bottom needs to be held between the thumb and the index finger after which you will need to slide it off. A perfume travel bottle can be a whole lot easier to refill if the outer casing of the perfume bottle is removed first. After the casing has been removed, a small-sized plastic tank will be viewable that is meant for housing the perfume.

3. The third important step that you need to take in order to refill a perfume travel bottle is to place the bottom part of the bottle over the top part of the spray nozzle. The bottom part of the bottle will have to be aligned with the main bottle nozzle. The atomizer can still be filled up with perfume by keeping the casing on at the same time.

4. The perfume bottle must then be lifted in up and down fashion in order to pump it with plenty of perfume. After the nozzle has been aligned with the bottom part of the bottle, you simply need to press down over the travel bottle gently. By doing so, the perfume will be released into the unit so that the atomizer can be pumped up with a whole lot of perfume. The bottle needs to be lifted up and down quite a few times until it is entirely full.

5. The final step that you need to take in order to refill a perfume bottle is to replace the travel bottle casing as well as the cap and the sprayer of the main bottle. After the travel bottle has been filled up, the bottle has to be taken off the primary perfume bottle while putting the metal casing also back in place. The cap and the sprayer then need to be placed back onto the main bottle of perfume. You need to remember that while putting the sprayer back on, it is likely to ooze out bits of perfume, so you need to direct the bottle opening towards a sink in order to prevent the spray from hitting you in the eye.

II. Filling Plastic Travel Perfume Bottle from a Metal Perfume Atomizer

1. The first thing that you need to do when refilling a plastic travel perfume bottle from metal perfume atomizer is to remove the sprayer and the plastic cap from the travel perfume bottle. If there is any plastic perfume atomizer then the plastic cap needs to be lifted off from the outside. After this, the plastic sprayer needs to be unscrewed from the top. You need to sit the lid of the bottle as well as the bottle sprayer onto one side until the entire bottle has been filled up.

2. Thereafter you need to hold the main bottle sprayer up to the top part of the plastic travel perfume bottle, by uncapping the bottle and holding the main perfume bottle right above the travel bottle in a way that it is almost touching. By doing so, you will be able to spray the perfume directly into the travel perfume bottle.

3. The third step that you need to take is to step down on the bottle sprayer in a repeated fashion in a way that the travel bottle gets filled up. The sprayer of the bottle needs to be pushed down several times for this purpose.

4. The next step to take is to screw the sprayer of the perfume bottle back into its place. Once the travel perfume bottle has been filled up entirely, you need to make sure to put the plastic sprayer back onto the top. The sprayer needs to be twisted in a clockwise fashion so that it can be tightened into its place. Right after that, the cap needs to be placed onto the travel bottle. Additionally, the cap over the main perfume bottle needs to be replaced as well.

Advantages of using a Travel Perfume Bottle

Can be carried Easily to Different Places

There are many advantages associated with the use of a travel perfume bottle, the first and foremost one being that you get to take it with you wherever you go. If wearing perfume is something that you really love to do, and that too very frequently, then using a travel perfume bottle will help you to keep smelling good even when you are on the road for long hours at a stretch.

Inexpensive and Easy to Use

Using and refilling a travel perfume bottle is quite inexpensive compared to buying a brand new perfume bottle every time you exhaust your bottle of perfume. You get to save a considerable amount of money when using a perfume travel bottle while getting to keep yourself well scented at the same time. Since the travel perfume bottles are made of plastic, they do not get damaged too easily either.

Thus, there are quite a few effective ways by which you can refill a perfume bottle as and when you need to. Wearing perfume is always a great thing to do, given that it helps you to create a good impression about yourself while attracting several people to you at the same time. By following the quick and easy steps that have been mentioned above, you can do a successful job of filling your perfume bottle, and therefore be in a position to carry perfume with you at all times, wherever you go, be it when you are on holiday or out on an official trip somewhere.