Best Coconut Perfumes

Best Coconut Perfumes

Coconut is an accord that can’t really go wrong. If this is kind of scent for you, then you a number of body sprays, EDTs and EDPs that have just this one note alone. You can even get options that have coconut mixed up with other accords of ambers, vanilla, even flowers. And this could be why coconut perfumes are better for summers.

Today, you have lots of perfumes that have coconut as the main, middle or base accords and we’ll be looking some of them in this article here. So you can get the best idea of what works better for you.

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Best Coconut Perfumes in 2019

Versace Crystal Noir

Price: $52.94

Versace’s Crystal Noir is a part of their Crystals series which, as Donatella Versace describes, is a sensual, delicate essence. The central notes are composed out of the velvety heady rush of gardenia presented in a creamy, luminous way. At the base, you have musk, sandalwood, and amber that add a dark, mysterious aura to this blend and giving it its own distinction in the Crystals collection.

The top notes are pepper, cardamom, ginger. As it is an oriental fragrance, the heart notes are coconut, gardenia, peony and orange blossom,


  • Soft, clean, peppery, powdery take on coconut, strong enough for good sillage and longevity, versatility


Slightly on the heavy and won’t make a good match for summers


We’ve got quite a lot to say about this one, and there are compositional differences between the EDP and the EDT. In this EDT version, it’s the coconut, gardenia that is the massive players, and why we’ve added it to this list. The base notes of musk, sandalwood, and amber are pretty typical but create some sort of magic. This perfume gets a lot of love online and reviews are glittering, for the most part, for this fragrance and it doesn’t transition into something crazy, powerful down the line.

And we’ll tell you why – this is a fragrance that has a slight smell. It doesn’t have this very full on or heady spray even with the coconut and gardenia tossed in. Even then, it’s still strong enough to last you a very long time and projects quite far and worth the money. Obviously the main things in this are coconut, which is a break from the peach, pineapple, sweet blends of other coconut fragrances.

Crystal Noir’s been paired with spicy pepper, luscious gardenia and is very clean, powdery and high-pitched as well. It’s been described as oriental-floral, but we don’t exactly get the florals till the dry down when it takes on that powdery avatar – and that’s thanks to the peony, sandalwood, and amber.


Jennifer Lopez Miami Glow

Price: $24.70

Created by American pop-singer Jennifer Lopez and perfumer Caroline Sabas in 2005, Miami Glow has been inspired by sweet and refreshing vides of the beaches on a hot summer day. The composition tries to capture the soul of the Miami city, complete with the palm trees, beaches, parties, freedom, passion of the nightlife. The fragrance opens on lush, juicy notes of coconut water, pink grapefruit, black currant, and passion fruit. At the heart, you have floral notes of cyclamen, orange blossom, and heliotrope, while the base notes add that sunny, beachy vibes with musk, vanilla, amber veil, and blond woods.


smooth, clean tropical smelling perfume, better suited for the summer, stays on clothes very long,


moderate longevity, sweet nature is a bit on the younger side, discontinued


This is likely going to be one of your favorites out of the nine Glow variations, this is the second one. Miami Glow is floral-fruity and it’s the base notes that give this perfume its strength, even though such notes are present in pretty much all perfumes. But this combination does change depending on what it has been blended with. And it seems to work with Miami Glow as well. It is very on the tropical side but lacks that generic coconut smell.

But its coconut water, so it’s this thin watery accord and what we’ll say about this mainly, is that it’s so well blended and smooth – and that’s created by the vanilla. So the pink grapefruit, black currant, and passion fruit merge well, and the coconut kinds of holds everything together instead of sticking out. The cyclamen is a clean note, to begin with, and adding it here keeps things fresh, clean and prevents it from getting too sweet and stays linear, changing only when you first spray it and then its zesty, effervescent.


Britney Spears Maui Fantasy

Price: $72

Britney Spears launched Maui Fantasy in 2016. It has been inspired by and tries capturing the feel of Hawaii’s clear oceans, beaches surrounded by stunning views of nature around it. The top notes are the most powerful exotic accords of strelia, passion fruit, and pink grapefruit. The heart is just as heady with beachy florals like hibiscus petals, cyclamen, orange blossom, and Tahitian gardenia or Hawaiian monoi, as it’s known. This floral bouquet is made warm, sensual with the addition of coconut, vanilla, blue musk, white amber and beachy blonde woods in the base.


very floral, unique take on the Fantasy series, not too sweet


average longevity, weak coconut notes


Maui Fantasy is the tropical spin-off of the original Fantasy and is pretty different from the other Fantasy variations. On the first spray, we do get that grapefruit and it has this very citrusy burst in the beginning, with loads of Australia. As the fragrance is floral and aquatic, we had to wait for it to dry down to heart, where the Tahitian gardenia, hibiscus, cyclamen, orange blossom became more prominent.

Like we said, the heart is where most of the performance happens. It does have this very airy, ozonic, tropical floral vibe. As you get down to the base, the blue musk is definitely there and very strong. The coconut and vanilla are combined a little bit just to add that soft sweetness to the base and prevents it from going full-on sweet. We do wish the dry down had more coconut and vanilla in it though – but where it is right now, the coconut is more creamy, vanilla and not synthetic or overdone.


Tom Ford Eau de Soleil Blanc

Price: $ 204.99

Eau de Soleil Blanc is a temperamental blend of sunflowers designed to reboot memories of that island holiday where summer seems to last forever. This is a revival of the Private Blend collection and is a crisp, bright and illuminated take on the 2016 solar floral Soleil Blanc fragrance, that blend chords of citrus, crunchy scent with ambergris.

The top notes comprise of orange peel, caraway seed, cardamom and pink peppercorn blended with neroli and pistachio. At the heart, there is Moroccan orange blossom, seductive jasmine nectar and ylang-ylang harvested from the tropical Comoro Island. The base is built out of tonka, vanilla, and the floral amber, adding warmth and softness to it.


unisex, versatile composition


Average longevity, not designed for the younger auditory


So this is a light, bright summer perfume that is amber-oriental with floral facets, and coconut that we think is a note that should stand out in summer perfumes. Another surprising aspect is that its amber-oriental, which makes it more unexpected considering that this fragrance family is usually for warm fragrances, not something fresh. This fragrance is anything but fresh, it more of a sweet, fruity oriental.

You have tonka bean inside, bergamot is a starting point and you have coconut in the heart of the fragrance. Being an Eau de parfum and amber-oriental, we thought it would last long, but that’s not the case here. Its something you need to get used to, as there is more performance in the heart notes, not the top notes.

There are a ton of notes in here, but we don’t get a lot of them. One of the main things in here is coconut and it is there, right from the initial spray and gets stronger the longer it sits on you. This is when you get a visual of how the florals are layered.