Best Cheap Perfume For Ladies

When we thought about testing out some of the Best Cheap Perfume For Ladies, Body Shop and L’Occitaneimmediately came to our minds. Both of these brands do have some interesting perfumes in stores that are affordable as they are good and have received rave reviews online.Many of the fragrance options from these companies have turned out to be dressing table staples. So, in this review were going to be looking at the White Musk Smoked Rose EDP from The Body Shop and the L’Occitane’s new Terre De LumiereL’Eau. These are two perfumes that are very different, can be identified by their scent profiles and don’t really burn a hole in your pocket!

Best Cheap Perfume For Ladies

Body Shop’s White Musk Smoked Rose EDP

Released in 2013, this one falls into the oriental floral category and you can get it in various concentration levels like EDT, Body Mist, toiletries, perfume oil and this EDP. For those of you that don’t know, Body Shop is a brand that makes shower gels, lotions, soaps and natural fragrances like this one.

It opens on this gorgeous but strong bergamot, blackcurrant notes that we truly adore, and out of the entire range, this EDP is probably the closest out of the bunch to the original smell in its natural form. There’s definitely this invigorating sense of brightness to the composition, but overall, this is a sweet, jammy fragrance.

The notes of black rose pop right through immediately from the heat, that pink pepper in the opening kind of relates to the earthiness/smokiness aspect of Smoky Rose. This is only evident in the dry down and, as the hours go by, the notes of tobacco blossom and probably patchouli which isn’t even listed on the bottle anywhere, but to our reviewers there was clearly some sort of patchouli in there.


  • smokiness in the dry down,
  • mildly sweet and floral fragrance,
  • powerful start with lingering afterthoughts,
  • clean and cosy musk accords,
  • affordable


  • wears off easily,
  • better suited to colder indoor situations,
  • might be too feminine for some.

Our Verdict

This is a relatively inexpensive perfume – and, that you get so many concentration versions makes it even better. So, when thinking about how to label this fragrance here at The Fragrance Guide, we decided that it’s a sweet, musky, floral composition and here’s why.

‘Really beautiful notes’ is all that we could think of after trying a few sprays; again, something that we haven’t mentioned yet is that it has orange blossom, olibanum or frankincense and a huge dose of white musk. One thing to know is that there isn’t anything animalic in it, or anything else of animal origin.

So it says on their website, and we truly think that this is a synthetic form of musk. The white musk, to be specific, is a clean, cosy type of musk that will linger on your clothes, skin for hours – even the whole day if you’re indoors a lot. With that, you have the rose that is jammy, sweet and that’s thanks to the orange blossom.That heavy sweetness however is broken up by freshness that comes from the bergamot and black currant, which is initially strong but fades down in an hour’s time.

The earthy, smoky fel created by the pink pepper in the dry down is pleasant and worth wearing the entire day.This Body Shop fragrance is one of those nicer, affordable dressing table staples and once worn, you get cosy wafts of smoky, sensual rose. It’s a great date night scent, good for after the gym although you could probably go for more sprays in that situation.

That brings us to our next point that is the strength of Smoked Rose. At Fragrance Guide, we felt that it’s not the best choice for a hot, humid day and this needs a little bit of chill outside, a little bit of wind, indoor air conditioning for this fragrance to really shine.

So who is this for?

When it dries down, it’s understood that this fragrance is intended to be unisex although it’s labelled as feminine. We believe anyone can pull this off and that’s the second-best thing about Smoked Rose.

It reminds us of the women’s fragrances from the early 2000’s. We’re not sure but it will be something you will recognize and actually appreciate due to sweet, floral and warm, musky base. It’s just right for someone who wants to be romantic or who needs to make a gentle, alluring impression.

Terre De LumiereL’Eau from L’Occitane En Provence

Launched in 2017, Terre De Lumiere literally translates to ‘light of the land’ and is the first gourmand offering from L’Occitane. Some of our reviewers have been wearing this fragrance a lot and they all admit that they love this stuff and that it’s just so good.

Right now, they do have many versions of this scent in varying concentration levels, just like the Body Shop EDP reviewed earlier. They even have a 30 ml purse concentrate so you can take it travelling with you.L’Occitane describes this gourmand scent offerings as their recreation of those beautiful dusky moments ‘when the light embraces the sky and blesses the earth with a fleeting interval of grace – this is the golden hour.’

This scent is meant to be that ‘light’ hence the name given and is supposed to give the wearer, moments of gourmand magic with notes of freshness.


  • notes of freshness mixed with gourmand accords,
  • medium sillage,
  • long-lasting
  • , affordable but unique scent,
  • varying concentration levels available as a collection of products.


  • too mild for a gourmand perfume,
  • might not play well in colder climates

Our Verdict

The composition is supposed to embody the contrast between the softness and warmth of a magical moment and aromatic freshness.So, it starts out on a zesty, aromatic note, where you can clearly get accords of honey, almond that’s warm and really surrounds you. Then it melts into a dessert-like lavender, honey heart and finally trails off towards a sensual musky, balsamic base note.

Our reviewers tried on a few sprays and the opening notes were spicy, warm sweetness and reminded us of the Britney Spears perfumes, but obviously on a more sophisticated level.Britney Spears, Taylor Swift, and Arianna Grande scents all have that sweet candy smell, but this Terre De Lumiereelevates that sweetness way up.

Since the sweetness is broken up by the freshness it has a moderate sillagebut lasts for a long time as it’s a concentration of essential oils – which is what the people at L’Occitane do. We think that this perfume should do for summer as its an interesting blend of creaminess that meets that light, fresh and musky accord, but in a subtle way.

So who is this for?

L’Occitane intended Terre De Lumiere to be a rich, sweet perfume and is meant for people who like aromatic gourmands, but still want a hint of freshness. The twist of sophisticated makes it ideal for adult women, use at summer resorts or even at office too, but you need less sprays then!

This is definitely one of our favourite honey scents and the notes of almond were what we loved the most. A highly wearable, beautifully blended and surprisingly complex perfume from L’Occitane.