Best Car Perfume [Updated 2019]

Best Car Perfume [Updated 2019]

At The Fragrance Guide, we try to get our hands on as many kinds of perfumes that are out there. A lot of people spend a big part of their day in their cars, driving to where they need to be. But driving around can get too stuffy, even with the air conditioning on and as a result, you have a very stinky car! The solution? Car perfumes. Car perfumes are a step above your typical car fresheners, last longer and are stronger. In this review list, we’ll be checking out some of the Best Car Perfumes available.

Last updated on November 11, 2020 8:02 pm

Best Car Perfume

Car Breeze Air Freshener Vent Clip Premium Perfume Cars Scent Bahrain Starter Kit

Car Breeze brings you the elegant, understated Vinovecar perfume. It’s got a better scent flow because you have to clip it onto the air-flow or AC vents. You have to open the freshener device like a shell, clip on the scent cartridge and snap it back into place. Then clip the loaded device onto the vent. It should fit most vent sizes and won’t fall off. Available in full black and black & white color finishes.



Comes in a starter kit that includes the vent clip, 1 scent refill, lasts approximately 90 days or more depending on usage, stylish looks, soft scent release system, clean, easy and safe to use.


need to purchase refills as they can’t be reused with essential oils, perfumes, etc.


We love this car perfume and tried one on for a quick drive around the TFG office. We did have the air conditioning on and the scent was pleasant, smooth and nice. It is unlike the average car fresheners that you put on the rear-view mirrors, and definitely not as pungent. It was easy to put together, looks classy, fits right in with the rest of the dashboard and the smell is awesome.

If you are looking for a car freshener that lasts a while, isn’t overpowering and has a simple or discrete look, this is a good choice for you. It’s this sleek, slim piece that’s the size of a smartphone. Designed in Italy, the scent is made by French creators and packaged well – it should make a great gift as well.

When we tried it out for a week, the scent remained as strong as it was on the first day. So you don’t have to worry about too many refills. We thought, after opening the packaging, that the smell might be too strong. But after setting it up, the scent disperses around the car evenly.

The smell dissipates or is very faint when the car wasn’t in use. It was only noticeable when the airflow or AC was on and gets better as you increased the speed. The Car Breeze air freshener also appears to be one of those devices that might also work great on a summer day with the windows rolled down.

Lavore Car vent clip freshener

The Lavore Car Vent perfume blends perfectly with the rest of your car’s interior. You simply have to clip on the fresheners and forget about or adjust the amount of scent being dispensed. And if you don’t like the scent refill that it comes with, you can change it with any of the 4 unscented sponge sticks.

The best part is that you can buy Lavore pre-scented refills or add a few drops of your favorite EDP or essential oils. Using essential oils makes this freshener safer for kids, babies, pregnant women and those with respiratory issues. This is a chemical-free alternative that boosts your emotional, physical and mental wellbeing too. Needs replacement within three to six months.



sleek and innovative design, adjustable scent controls, free refills pads with the kit, use any diffuser or essential oil, safe and chemical-free alternative for all individuals


needs to be kept closed when not in use, can be affected by too much sunlight,the interior stick has to be changed


Some of these vent fresheners can be a bit annoying as they keep blocking the AC and the vents, and that’s not something you want on a long drive. The Lavore Car Vent perfume is a perfect size is classy looking and sleek. It holds the scent surprisingly well and smells exactly how you want it to smell. It made very well and worth the purchase. Use this once and you’ll never go back to those little green pine trees again.

We’re sure you’re going to like the scent of this one, that it is reusable and you can pick the scent you want too. During our test, we tried out a lavender essential oil and could still smell it two weeks later. You can use your own perfume is you’d like and tone things up or down using the dial.


MANLI Car Fragrance Diffuser, Car Perfume Air Freshener UFO Shaped

If you’ respending a lot of time in your car, practically living in, you know that it can start to have that certain smell. We’ve all been there and thankfully, we can use car perfumes to manage that. Manli says that this car freshener is an Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser that’s designed like your average car freshener.

It removes all odors and makes an inviting atmosphere for any car trips. The diffuser works using a refill pad that you can put a few drops of your own perfume, or essential oils. So you don’t have to keep changing the pad. It is stylish, elegant as well and fits in with the rest of your car design.

Pros: cleans and deodorizes air quickly, can use your own essential oils or perfumes, fits onto all dashboard tops, slim and discrete UFO design, scent strength can be controlled



closers automatically when driving, had to be manually opened to get the scent


We really like the look of this dispenser and had tried it out using the recommended sponge that holds the perfume well, with a leathery perfume and here’s what happened. The device actually closes as you begin driving, on its own as it is built so well. We initially thought you had to tape it down but nothing of the sort.

The only issue with this function is that you have to have to keep opening it and should have come with some kind of tool or system to let you do that. Some people who have are using this, have tried attaching a thread or dropping a ball bearing into it that keeps it open. We don’t suggest doing this as you could ruin the device. What you can do is try a stronger perfume so that the smell lasts, even after the device closes.

Its smooth, solid and built using galvanized metal instead of plastic and is adhered to the dashboard using a sticky gel. We noticed that 6 drops of the perfume we tried lasted over two weeks and kept the entire car scented.

Home-Cloud Stainless Steel Locket Essential Oil Diffuser Vent Clip

This essential oil car diffuser vent clip from Home Cloud is made out of 316L premium stainless steel. It features a strong clip so the device doesn’t fall off. It is like a mini aromatherapy machine and can even be used in your office, home, bathrooms, and outdoor trips if required. Each pack comes with 11 differently colored pads, with essential oils in them that you can easily identify.



high quality, multipurpose, multiple scent choices,


need to purchase new pads once you run out need many devices for bigger cars


We were skeptical, at first, about how effective these pads would be as they’re so small. But so far, they’re pretty good and powerful. We think that eight to ten drops should do, but for a bigger car, you may need two of these units. And one thing we noticed is that you can switch out pads if you don’t like a particular scent, modify it is using a few drops of your perfume or essential oils. If you do decide to install two or more of these vent clips, then you can use a different pad in each one – all up to you.

And there are a lot of those little felt pelts included so you can even have a new scent every day. Our favorite was the apple cinnamon one and had used this to test out the strength of the perfume. The smell dispersed well, throughout the entire car, but wasn’t overpowering. It was easy to install them on the vents, where the unique design made it look like it was a part of the car. Least likely to get damaged, scraped too.

The packaging was well thought out too. Each clip has a different design, and the felt pads come in these little bags. It is easy to change the pads as well, simply unsnap the lids, place the pads and snap the lid back on again.