Top 10 Best J’adore Perfume

Top 10 Best J’adore Perfume

The Christian Dior fragrance goes back as far as the 1930s and 1940s. They are known for creating some unforgettable blends: but, the most iconic one, without a doubt, has to their classic J’adore. Glamorous, shimmery, defines feminity with an unbelievable balmy tribute to flowers. J’Adore original is always going to be the best, but this scent has several editions – so there’s something for everyone.

1) J’adore Eau De Parfum

As you already know, J’adore is a tribute to the flowers – the kinds of scent that the Christian Dior is passionate about. They’ve even got the notes right too as well, and that comprises of Sambac Jasmine, Damascena Roses and a ylang-ylang. The scent has been created with that soft, sophisticated feminine vibe in mind. It comes in a bottle shaped similarl to an ancient Greek amphora and literally translates into a bouquet of flowers.  

Pros: mild sillage, long lasting, floral and mature scent combination

Cons: hard to find, reformulated into a more abrasive and bland scent


This is as classic as any scent can get, and that it’s got the Dior name makes it even better. The scent does resonate classic and might suit older women. We do feel that it’s light and pretty enough through, for women of all ages. It reminds us of a bright summery day when walking through a garden. A spritz on your neck and wrists will last you the whole day and simply surrounds in a delicate way, noncloying way and stays fresh for a long time.

2) J’Adore L’Or Christian Dior

The J’Adore L’Or mostly has notes of Grasse, Grandiflorum Jasmine, and Centifolia absolute rose, making it pretty rich in its own right. Dior wanted to add that golden nuance to it, this is why its warm and intense. The actual scent created from jasmine and rose petals creates this floral array that ends with oriental notes that comes from the patchouli, labdanum, and amber.

Pros: Interesting cap, powerful gold shimmer, warm scent, original ingredients, soft tones

Cons: 2017 reformulation made it lighter, leaving out depth and body.


This isn’t just any run of the mill floral scent as the ingredients come from their best sources. What’s more is that its been made unique by a soft, warm base comprising of Tahitian Vanilla absolute and tonka bean absolute. So, that’s one big difference between this scent and the J’adore Eau De Parfum. The other thing to look forward to is the bright, glossy gold cap that has this thread texture on it, modelled on the Masai neckpieces – an idea suggested by designer John Galliano.  

3) J’Adore in Joy

The J’Adore in Joy came right after the J’Adore L’Or and visually it look somewhat similar. But, instead of that deep, rich gold theme, this scent comes in a soft gold and peach bottle that actually sparkles when held to the light. So, spring is the main theme for the J’Adore in Joy and is a more daring floral-fruity composition balanced out with a salty taste.  

This salt accord was added to highlight the collection of white flowers – neroli, sambac jasmine, ylang-ylang and tuberose, and is complimented with a touch of peach for those fruity hints.      

Pros: Summer vibes, modern longevity, moderate sillage

Cons: weak dry down that has this barely noticeable scent


For us, all we got was a lot of the original J’Adore but it was much crispy, bright and fresh. The peach note was way too mild to be noticed. At best, we can say this is a softer, milder white floral scent. If you’re looking for something to wear something in the humidity and heat, this would be it. We’re obsessed with the dancing, sparkly nature of the essences used, but it tends to lose this vivacity if it sits on your skin for too long.  

4) J’Adore Eau de Toilette

This is much lighter, as its an EDT but those fresh floral notes are familiar. Here, you also get the freshness of mandarin as well. The top notes are very pungent and filled with rose, plum, jasmine, orchid. When it dries down, the notes of blackberry, musk and amaranth are more distinct.   

Pros: moderate sillage, moderate longevity, clean, fresh and warm scent

Cons: not to long lasting,


We felt like this was a more mature scent, although Dior says that freshness and vivacity is what its all about. The top notes were floral but the dry down is worth it. This is when it turns into a more berry like, powdery and citrusy scent. A violet and plum combination in a bitter format makes its suitable for casual wear.

5) J’Adore Lumiere Eau de Toilette

The J’Adore Lumiere EDT was created to bring out the luminous character of the J’Adore Eau de Toilette released in 2011. Dior wanted to restore the original J’Adore signature scent: and have tried to strengthen its contrasts and adjust the layers present in these combinations. They’ve even tried recreating that joyful, light and full of life spirit of this scent combination.

So the fragrance unfolds with hints of neroli, blood orange. After some time you should get the sweetness of vanilla, blended in with lemon, magnolia and Damascus roses. It eventually settles down into a calm sandalwood that adds longevity to this wonderful infusion of flowers.    

Pros: long lasting, fruity to floral scent life, moderate sillage

Cons: more citrus based notes, more of an adaptation of the J’Adore EDT than a remake


The Lumiere EDT is an interesting twist of the original, that is sparkly and bright as it is classy and elegant. Structured in a very simple way, this EDT is soft, crisp, feminine and floral but doesn’t appear to be mature. Dior has removed the notes of patchouli and pepper from it – we think this is what does the trick in keeping the scent young and fresh.    

6) J’Adore L’Absolu

J’Adore L’Absolu does have that characteristic voluptuous, sensual floral tones. But, what Dior has done different here is make its a bit sweeter, while keeping it natural and sublime. They’ve accomplished this by letting the Jasmine come through as vividly as possible. This is then transformed into a seductive nectar with notes of honey, rose and orange blossom.

Pros: Lush, sweet and sensual floral jasmine notes. Long lasting with heavy sillage

Cons: Orange blossom replaces the ylang-ylang. Lacks woody and musk notes.


It actually feels a bit more lusher, with that velvety creaminess and you can tell the L’Absolu bottle apart by the fluid, shiny gold cap design. This is definitely one of Dior’s well planned and thought out J’Adore blends and doesn’t have the zesty welcome we’re used to smelling from the other variants. If you love jasmine centric scents with a hint of flowers and fruits, give the L’Absolu a try.

7) J’Adore Extrait De Parfum

If you’d like to get just the J’Adore perfume, pushing all iterations aside then the J’Adore Extrait is worth trying. It is the more intensive, concentrated version of his Dior fragrance. You will be getting something that’s luxurious, rich and starts out on notes of Damask rose, ylang-ylang and ends with a woody sandalwood base.

Pros: Feminine, clean and soft scent. As close to the original as you can get

Cons: Smaller bottle. Might be too string and old fashioned for some


This perfume smells warm and sensual, and we even got a whiff of vanilla. Pricewise, its a bit on the higher side and you do get a smaller bottle but the fragrance is powerful – so a little goes a long way. It isn’t as sweet as the EDT and the EDP but the sillage and staying power is great. Its got a silky feel that comes from the Cassis bud and Chinese Magnolia.

8) J’Adore L’eau Cologne Florale

The L’eau is an elegant, fresh and luxurious composition blended well with magnolia, lemon, citruses locked inside a floral bouquet. This is accompanied by the sweet, spicy aromas of Calabrian bergamot, neroli and ylang-ylang. Such accords are supposed to represent floral aromas, sunny citruses balanced out in this harmonious way.    

Pros: Vanilla sweetness, mild lemon, unique citrus-jasmine undertone

Cons: not for cold weather, might be too mature and sharp for some


It’s a sweet perfume with loads of potency, but not something you could wear everyday unless this was your signature scent. Clean and powdery is the best way to describe this one – what’s unusual is the citrus note that more gentle and has a delicate undernote of jasmine. It is fairly close to the Cherie L’eay but without the green notes. This cologne is one of those scents that doesn’t play well in cold weather, actually getting lost or wearing off faster.  

9) J’Adore Le Jasmin

Christian Dior made this one a limited edition and packed into a white bottle, as close to the colour of the actual jasmine flower. The scent is elegant and radiates that spring time garden vibe with intense, a pure tribute to the jasmine aromas that is made even better in an alcohol free formula.

Pros: mild projection and longevity, pleasant and lightweight jasmine accords

Cons: way too light for some, mild longevity means frequent touch ups, is missing the J’Adore nature


What we really like is how Dior managed to tone down that main Jasmine scent which, as you know, can be a bit overpowering. It’s mild with that sense of purity and would be great to use right after showering. Unfortunately, that distinct J’Adore note isn’t there and is drowned out by the flower scent.  

10) J’Adore Divinement d’Or/ Gold Supreme

This is the anniversary edition of the J’Adore line and consists of a floral fruity scent. The top notes are fruity, so will smell loads of melon, peach, magnolia, bergamot and pear. Florals notes come out only after the dry down and its distinctly plum, tuberose, jasmine, lily, freesia and rose. Afters while you’re left with a cedar, musk and vanilla base. To enhance the gold theme seen across all J’Adore fragrances, Dior added gold flakes to the composition!  

Pros: Unusual gold flakes added, beautiful play between floral and fruit notes

Cons: Limited edition that’s hard to find, strong scent


Clearly Dior wanted this particular perfume to be a celebration. It reminds us of a glass of sparkly champagne  that you spray all over yourself! The perfume is strong, performs well and the gold flakes seem to give it some sort of life. We also like the gold sparkles that land and stay on your skin. The only problem is that this was released a while ago and might be hard to find but really must be a part of every J’Adore collection.    

You can’t really go wrong with J’Adore or say that it isn’t for you either, as Christian Dior had amde so many J’Adore versions. One can choose between the heavier floral or fruity notes, stronger or lighter compositions.