Best Cologne for young men

Best Cologne for young men

Perfumers offer scents in various strengths, which in this case is the ratio of water to alcohol – and the price tag reflects that. It’s also the reason why many colognes are lighter than perfumes, with many confusing them to be of poor quality. We’ve reviewed some of the top colognes available in the market, ranging from designer to the more affordable stuff along with as gist of how colognes are made.

10 Best Cologne for young men

1) Prince Solid Cologne Balms Gift Set Fragrance from Bush Klawz

So here we have a gift set consisting of three 1 oz tins each of the Premium Prince series solid cologne from Bush Klawz. First is the Lumber Prince which is primarily woodsy with the intention of bringing out that modern lumber jack. You will also get hints leather, vanilla, pine, musk and tobacco leaf.

The next one is Pacific Prince and this is a blend of ginger, bergamot, grapefruit, peppermint and jasmine and brings out an oceany, aquatic scent. The third Urban Prince is for a sophisticated guy and is infused with fir, cedar, spices, lavender and grapefruit.

This set has been designed to go along with their line of the beard balms and oils range called Premium Prince.

Price: $29.97, Size: x3 1 oz tins


  • 3 interesting and different options
  • Renowned brand
  • can use new scent everyday
  • compliments Premium Prince beard care range


  • Solid form may not appeal to everyone
  • small size
  • heavy price


Going by the price and the brands intention, this cologne is meant to be a gift set and would be great for guys who are looking for a signature scent. You could also look at it as 3 samples of their other colognes, lets hope they have bigger boxes. The one good factor is that it gives you a variety for $30, so you can wear a new cologne everyday instead of buying a big bottle of one cologne. The company says that it’s an extension of the Premium Prince beard care range they already have. But wearing so many scents at once could be confusing and might be overpowering. In other words, don’t overdo it!

2) Eau De Cologne Spray by Tommy Bahama

This cologne offering from Tommy Bahama is the perfect scent match for the guy with the laid back, charismatic nature. Supposed to be one of those simpler pleasures in life, the fragrance is an aromatic retreat from daily life.

Think of a relaxed getaway to an island to slow down and reconnected, filled with the luxury of spirits, cigars, travel, culture and you get what this scent is all about.

Watermelon, pear, ginger and tangerine make this a very energising fragrance. Along with that you have violet leaf, tiare flower that been balanced out with coriander as these essences reflect the typical island life. In the background you get Tonka Bean, Australian Sandalwood and Amber.

All this has been packaged in a cognac colored uniquely shaped bottle reflective of the Tommy Bahama style and a vintage feel. On the flip cap cover, you’ll find and engraved marlin that signifies the makers fondness for luxury cigars.

Price: $78, Size: 3.4 fl. Oz.


  • not aromatically over powering
  • lack fruitiness pungency that lots of guys might not like.


  • weak scent,
  • doesn’t have staying power
  • small size
  • over priced


We think this is a rather pricey, sort of ‘grown up’ scent that older men would like and not the club hopping, gym running type. It’s a light and airy scent that goes perfectly with your vacation on a luxury yacht that takes you to your private island where you can enjoy a good cigar – in true Tommy Bahama style!

3) Explorer Men’s Solid Cologne Travel Edition by Ulio & Jack

Ulio & Jack promises that you’ll smell good no matter where you go, easily fitting into dopp kits, pockets, back packs and gym bag. This micro cologne pack was inspired by the ardent travellers lifestyle. And the tin will pass security checks and won’t break easily.

It leaves behind a subtle scent, just perfect for when you’re leaving the gym, travelling across countries or working.You don’t have to worry about offending the olfactory senses of those around you, whether in elevators, flights or board rooms.

Travellers really don’t appreciate synthetic liquid colognes: not only is it messy, they could break out in rashes especially when moving around in warmer climates. The actual cologne is made out of beeswax, jojoba oil and shea butter and a fragrance oil that’s phthalate free.

The scent is a mix of jasmine, Japanese grapefruit, bergamot with mild hints of peppermint to produce a truly worldly, masculine scent. Such essences are known to be refreshing, which is a huge plus point for dealing with jet lag.

As for this genius sized tin, it’s easy to take out and apply even when you’re on the move and reapply when required. Don’t be fooled by its sizes as you’ll get a few months use out of it.

Price: $24, Size: .5 oz


  • Good daily wear scent
  • travel sized that fits perfectly in pocket or suitcase
  • phthalate-free fragrance oil
  • on the go application


  • small size
  • over priced
  • solid cologne


So we like the smallness of this nifty cologne pack and that you can carry in in your pocket. It’s flat, tin so you don’t have to worry about breaking a glass bottle when putting it in your bag or suitcase. We know how irritating it is to open flat tins like these, especially one that’s this tiny – but here’s the thing – it sides open! It seems like Ulio & jack though of everything. If you’re travelling a lot and have these exact cologne ‘concerns’, then $24is worth it.

4) The One EDT for Men by Dolce & Gabbana

The house of Dolce & Gabbana presents The One EDT for causal wear. The fragrance comes in a bottle that sports a sharp, classic look that reminds us of the colognes that were commercially available in 1980’s. We’re going to assume that the actual scent reflects this as well.

The tops notes of the scent is basil, grapefruit and coriander supplemented with warm, spicy essences of ginger, and cardamom. At the base, you’ll get notes of cedar wood, tobacco and ambery.

This is a reformulation of the original so expect to see some mild differences in wear and scent. When applied initially, you get a good scent of the fragrance but it disappears after a while and that’s when it begins to change as well.

Price: $70, Size: 3.3oz


  • Brand name
  • budget buy
  • good amount
  • slightly on the sweet side


  • Smell wears off quickly
  • alcohol based


This usually happens with the EDT colognes that are rebooted after being discontinued for a while.Something is different with the formula and a lot of people end up not liking it. It’s not as strong as the original as the scent now has mild staying power. In its new the avatar, it’s suited for men who would like something milder and that grows weaker towards the end of the day.

5) Kenneth Cole Signature by Kenneth Cole

The Signature by Kenneth Cole is one that exhibits refinement, elegance and sensuality. It embodies what this brand stands for: the boldness of life in New York and those that believe in chasing their dreams no matter where they are and prefer making their own decision.

So the fragrance should a reflection of the bold spirit and were expecting something very warm or an oceany, woodsy scent. But instead it’s a modern and very pure one with distinct notes of coffee beans, grapefruits and marine or the seas that is surrounded by exotic woods, amber and musk.

Price: $60, Size:3.4 Fl Oz


  • High quality product
  • good fragrance
  • designer brand
  • light day scent


  • Overpriced
  • sweet smell not suited for all
  • light duration


The perfume is light and given the nature of colognes, it will dissipate after some time. Some users feel that the formula might’ve been changed or that it might be a remake of the original scent – something that a lot of these designer brands do. They say that it’s lighter and more pleasant and a bit more citrusy than they recall. Earlier on it has a more woody smell. Usage  wise, it’s good for your gym bag or daily use at the office.

6) Voyage Eau de Toilette For Men by Nautica

The concept behind the making of this fragrance the capturing of that adventurous spirit a man feels as embarks on a heroic journey. Anchored with a refined woody amber and dewy moss that compliments all endeavours he navigates with passion and precision.

Nautica’s Voyage cologne is meant to embody all this and wrapped up in the salty, fresh sea breeze that all sailors love. The scent carries the essences of woods, coastal herbs that call to this instinct to explore nature. Clearly it’s meant for the person who is active, sentimental and the enjoys living life by his own rules.


  • light fragrance
  • good for office


  • sweet and floral might be too feminine for some

Price: $23.25, Size: 3.4 oz


Personally, we like this fragrance because it isn’t overpowering and lasts a good four to five hours. One thing to note that it is better suited to warmer, outdoorsy, weather, summers. The smell will keep you feeling fresh and the formulation is light too. And it works as a perfume too that you can wear for special occasions.As for longevity, that all depends on how hot or cold the weather is.

7) Man Eau Fraiche Eau de Toilette For Men by Versace

The Man Eau Fraiche Eau de Toilette from Versace has a scant that clearly belongs to the aromatic – tonic – wood family. It’s the lighter rendition of the Versace Man fragrance that personified self confidence, that had warm notes of cedar leaves, lemon, musk, sage, star fruit, rosewood, sycamore wood and amber.

Versace’s Eau Fraiche expresses the strength and charisma of a man complimented by the modern sensuality and freshness of the Mediterranean.

is more of a day time wear cologne and is a blend of unusual notes that’s not only fresh but bold – just like the brand. The most obvious one is the Carambola that is a sharp contrast to the rose wood and white lemon scent.

Then comes the cedar leaves and that highlight the more vibrant tarragon and the masculine clary sage.This is followed by a trail of musk, amber and sycamore wood all wrapped together for added mystery.

Price: $49.99, Size: 3.4 Oz


  • 2-3 hrs wear
  • great smell without being overwhelming
  • refreshing aquatic tones


  • small size
  • overpriced
  • smell disappears or gets affected while in bottle due to light see through bottle.


No one understands colognes and how to reinvent them better than Versace. The first version of this cologne, Versace Man was bold, warm but very passionate and was a great evening wear: something you’d enjoy wearing to the clubs too. But if you love this scent and want to wear it in a lighter form for office, then go for the Eau Fraiche EDY spray. It’s filled with powerful, yet subtle notes and overwhelm you or your colleagues, gym buddies etc. Unlike other colognes, Eau Fraiche is packaged in a light, see through bottle and if left in sunny, bright area could reduce its effectiveness. Be careful about that.

8) Classic Motion Eau de Toilette Spray For Men by Jaguar

Classic Motion from Jaguar is given in a flask shaped bottle similar in design to the Jaguar Classic Edition. Classic motion bottle is made with ice white glass to bring out the dynamism and vibrancyof this composition. Embellished on it is the silver logo.It still has the contrasting base frame and cover but it’s in a silver shade.

Onto the scent itself, crafted by the Vox Profumi of Paris and is defined as a an aromatic-aquatic blend. From the first spray, you get the obvious notes of warmer, spicier notes lemon, bergamot, birch leaf, mint and black pepper. Such a blend tends to last for some time and is better for the summers. The new perfume blend opens with the mint, bergamot, birch leaves and lemon. At the very core, you’ll find black pepper, sea aromas, Provencal lavender and at the base, vetiver, amber, white musk, patchouli and sandalwood.

Price: $25.49, Size:3.4oz


  • Light summer scent
  • comfortable and warm scent


  • no changes or longevity in the scent


The classic motion edit is more of a day time wear cologne for the summers. You’ll enjoy the subtle hints of refreshing lemon, bergamot an mint along with the calmness of sandalwood, lavender with the masculinity that only musk and amber can bring about. It starts out string when applied after your morning shower and gets weaker throughout the summer days as the weather gets hotter.

9) Lucky You Cologne Spray for Men For Men by Liz Claiborne

Twenty years on, and Lucky You from Liz Clairborne is the still one of the classic spring summer must haves. You get that freshness from the first blast itself and includes a mix of cotton, cardamom, fresh linens, Irish spring soap with an undertone that’s slightly musky. Some might confuse this for sandalwood or cedarwood.

As it settles down, you get that signature Clairborne musk as the other tones become milder.This fragrance is sporty, fresh and masculine all in one and with a liberal application it should last a good eight hours.

In terms of who is best for, we think of kids still in high school, college and some one in their early thirties.This is a fragrance suited for the outdoor events like at the beach, gym or if you’re going out somewhere on a hot day. It performs well in such environments without becoming too pungent or sticky.

For the price, I would pick up a couple bottles of this. It’s a unique, long lasting, fresh Spring and Summer fragrance that gets the job done. Highly recommended.

Price: $24.48, Size: 3.4 oz


  • High performance scent,


  • Alcohol based, slightly on the sharp and feminine side.


On the plus side, Lucky You is a good choice for the office, close encounters and very warm days. This is when it projects exceptionally well without becoming too offensive to people around you.

10) Pour Homme For Men Edt by Azzaro

This Azzaro EDT is part of the fougere aromatic woody series that offers a timeless charismatic virility.Taking is further, the bottle is a classic design with simple line is a minimalist black colour. One could say that it reflects the character of the fragrance it contains.

The scent is more woody exhibiting instinctive elegance and natural sensuality.It begins with loads of spicy notes: like anise and citrus mixed with heavy synthetics and a hint of lavender. It does dry out quickly and that’s when it gets better, leaving you coated in an earthy fresh scent with hints of oak moss, berries and basil.

It does feel classy and ‘expensive’. This blend reflects sophistication of a man with unshakeable character or some one that knows who they are and is better suited for some one well into their forties.

This Azzaro offering has depth than some of the popular modern fragrances that you pay twice as much for. You have various notes that merge well giving you this complex scent. People that aren’t interested in the scents designed for the younger crowd can choose Azzaro Pour Homme EDT. Reviewed here is 1.7 Fl. Oz bottle, you can also get this in a 3.3 Fl. Oz and 6.8 Fl. Oz.

Price: $65, Size:1.7 Fl. Oz.


  • long lasting scent,masculine tones,


  • old fashioned scent


The classic scent belongs to the 70’s and 80’s and won’t suit younger people that want something young and energetic. It does have a very synthetic, plasticy smell to it, similar to the colognes made in the seventies and eighties. We have to keep in mind that it was originally formulated in 1978 and hasn’t changed much since.Still, there are ways to bring this EDT into the modern world without changing it too much. The scent belongs with the professional crowd, headed off to a classy event. This is the perfect gift for you dad or grandfather, boss or colleagues.

11) Grey Flannel By For Men Eau De Toilette Spray by Geoffrey Beene

Grey Flannel was introduced in 1976 by the American fashion designer known as Geoffrey Beene. This fragrance is an oriental, luxurious, woody blend of lemon and orange that’s perfect for daytime wear.

It’s been enhanced with notes of Violet, Lemon, Galbanum, Neroli, Petitgrain, geranium, Rose, Sclaree sage, Cedar wood, musk, Feve Tonka and foam of oak.

This fragrance is the first perfume offering from this brand and reflects the distinction, authentic spirit and personality of modern man. The name ‘Grey Flannel’ symbolises elegance, timelessness and men that can affirm themselves with ease. Refinement and sophistication is reflected in the bottle too , which is a simple glass one with a unassuming label and basic black cap.

It comes in a dark grey flannel pouch but doesn’t have a spray nozzle so it has to be splashed on. Since it’s a splash variant, it should’ve been a little bigger with more product. With this size, you’re more than likely to finish the entire thing in a month with regular usage!

Price: Rs. 1,999, Size: 4-Ounce


  • Good daily wear scent
  • fancy yet understated design


  • small size
  • over priced


We think that this will make a good gift for someone that loves cologne. Its more suited to those who enjoy fruity, woody smells but may be too overpowering or feminine for those that prefer more masculine fragrances. The fragrance over five hours which is just the right amount.

Difference between cologne & perfume:

There are four classifications of fragrances that one can use. With the main differentiation point being the strength of the composition.


This is the stronger, more pure version of the perfume mixed up with a very small amount of the water, alcohol formula. Some Eau-De-Parfums are smaller in size and last a long time given that its a concentration of the scent. They are more costly, only because you get of the more perfume and less of the carrier mixture.


Here the actual perfume has a bit more of the water- alcohol carrier and therefore less concentrated. On other words, this kind of fragrance tends to be lighter in wear and is more affordable. In some cases, the scenting oils are in a lower concentration when compared with alcohol mix and has an evanescent effect when applied on your skin. That is, it wears off quickly and is suitable for special eveings, events and weddings.


This has the largest concentration of water and alcohol and very less perfume. The smell vanishes an hour or so, after it’s been applied. Technically speaking, the overall scent you get is the simplified or stripped down, salient version of the real fragrance. It will, no doubt, smell good but won’t have the richness, complexity that an EDP or extraitis known for.

Voile or Splash:

This is another extremely diluted form of the original fragrance extract and, as you guessed it, the cheapest variant. There’s usually loads of water or alcohol and very little scent oils, which is why people complain about the cologne not having a very ‘strong scent’ or that it disappears after a while. Perfumers use the term ‘transparent’ to refer to the strength of the fragrance once it’s been applied to your skin.

Choosing the right cologne:

The right cologne for you can only be decided once you understand strength of the scent. So when out shopping for one, consider these four things.

  • How long the fragrance lasts once its been applied to your skin.
  • How strong the smell is while it’s still contained inside the bottle.
  • Ask the perfumista for a sample swatch of the fragrance in the purest and undiluted form.
  • How mush cash you are ready to spend on your new scent.

Usually, those obsessed with perfumes and colognes won’t buy just one,but many strengths of the scent they love the most.This is why you will see many manufacturers selling entire kits comprising of deodorant sprays, talc’s, soaps made using one scent.

The idea behind this is that after showering you apply a small amount of the pricey scent or extrait-de-parfum on pulse points throughout the body like ear, wrists, neck etc.This way you get to enjoy the scent all day long without over spraying yourself.

Conclusion: Best Cologne for young men

Some may choose to apply generous amount of the same fragrance extract. And finally, they carry a smaller dispenser, like a hand cream or deodorant spray in their bags to refresh that same scent using spritzes throughout the day.This last option is referred to as a ‘veil’ that’s used casually as you head off to your day.Fragrances meant for men are available in the EDC or EDT strengths.