Top 10 cologne for men

Your fragrance defines you more than anything. Its what stays in the memory for as long as someone can remember. Spending on a good cologne is more of an investment as it would definitely gain you a good reputation. While searching for the best cologne for men, we found Nautica Voyage Eau de Toilette Spray for Men was a chart buster! If you are looking for an ideal cologne for men, then this is the one.

Top 10 cologne for Men

1. Nautica Voyage Eau de Toilette Spray for Men

Nautica is a brand that people trust for its high-quality products. The fragrance collection of Nautica is remarkable and the best one amongst them for men is the Voyage Eau De Toilette spray. The fragrance can be defined as a rich fusion of dewy moss and refined woody amber. This is one cologne that would not disappoint you at any time. Starting from a classy formal event to an adventurous day out, it can fit in anywhere and everywhere. Its fancy packaging makes it a suitable gifting piece as well. All the women looking for a fancy gift to pamper their men, nothing could be better than this. The best part is that the fragrance is very long lasting. You can enjoy the fruity smell of this Nautica cologne for long enough. For all those looking for a cologne that would make heads turn, then there could be no choice better than this. If fall in love at first smell was a real thing, then this fragrance would have won so many lovers!


  • Long lasting fragrance
  • Decent fruity smell


  • Can’t be used directly on bare skin. It is ideal to use it on shirts and other fabrics to enjoy it for a longer time.


2. Versace Eros Eau de Toilette Spray for Men:

For all those looking for a cologne that is most suitable for daily wear, then this product from Versace is the best. Coming from a highly trusted brand that has been known long enough for making some of the finest quality fragrances, this product undoubtedly keeps up with the league. The fragrance is an ideal mixture of sweet and salty notes of sea water. This fragrance would definitely give you an easy breezy feel! The contents are such that they won’t cause any harm to your skin in any way. The vibrant fragrance adds magic to your aura and you would definitely enjoy all the attention this cologne is going to grab for you. For those who are wondering about the constituents of this fragrance, then let us just make that as well clear. The fragrance can be defined as a powerful combination of mint leaves, lemon zest, and green apple. The cologne is magical and has an intense fragrance that is going to last long. Don’t get us started on the incredible packaging of the product! This is a deal which you should not miss out on.


  • Fresh fragrance
  • Long lasting
  • Safe packaging that prevents any sort of damage


  • Mild fragrance not suitable for those looking for something intense and strong


3. Nautica Classic for Men by Nautica

Coming from one of the most favorite brands of every customer, this classic Nautica fragrance is a must have! This cologne comes with a fruity lemon, coriander and sandalwood like fragrance. The packaging is incredible and lives up to the standards of the international brand. You can buy this for yourself or choose to gift it to your loved ones. The refined fragrance lasts at least a day until you indulge yourself in some heavy workout like activities. The casual smell is suitable for everyday use. The product is not recommended if you are looking for something formal and classy. The fragrance is undoubtedly good, but not suitable for a party or formal business event. The cologne is readily available on Amazon or you can shop from your local retail outlets. With this price tag, the Nautica classic men fragrance beats its several competitors. If you like mild daily fragrances, then this Nautica cologne would definitely find its way in your favorite cologne list. Its mesmerizing fragrance is surely a head turner and will undoubtedly make you more attractive.


  • Classy packaging
  • A fruity fragrance with contents that are skin friendly


  • Not a very powerful fragrance


4. Drakkar Noir By Guy Laroche For Men:

For all those romantic date nights, this is the ideal fragrance you were looking for! This has been chosen as the best mild fragrance that your girl would fall for. Made with ingredients like basil, rosemary, lavender, and lemon, this fragrance stands ahead of the crowd of colognes for men. The contents are finely mixed to create a long-lasting impactful freshness. Be prepared to get compliments like never before when you apply this incredible Drakkar Noir cologne for men. For all the girls looking for a perfect gift for their man, this is the one you should buy. It will make you fall in love with him all over again. The fragrance spreads the magic of love in the air! And we are not exaggerating. You can try for yourself and see how good this spray is! There is no chance that the lavender and lime combination would not mesmerize you. The product comes from a brand that has been trusted for years by the customers, and this is definitely an added reason for you to buy this cologne. The pleasant fragrance would outweigh the price and you would not regret buying this product at all!


  • Best fragrance for romantic nights
  • Skin friendly
  • Fragrance would not wear off easily


  • Scent Too strong for daily use


5. D & G Light Blue By Dolce & Gabbana For Men

made from high-quality ingredients, this product is suitable for romantic wear. Known for making the most sensual scents, Dolce and gabbana have been a trusted brand since long. This D & G light blue scent lives up to the expectations of the customers. The fragrance is a subtle blend of nature’s freshness and city spice. The ingredients from the woods have been perfectly blended to create this magical cologne. This is one of the best available in the market. The freshness stays long and prevents the body from stinking in hot and humid weathers. For a date night, you can blindly trust this exotic fragrance. This will definitely make your girl fall in love with you. Compliments will become a common thing when you would use this fragrance! the scent of this cologne is such that it would leave a long lasting impression on people around you. The extra spark it adds to your aura will boost your confidence as well. this product is such that it would boost up your masculinity while adding a citrusy fragrance to your body. You can be confident about this product being good because of the brand name as well as the reviews of hundreds of people who have been captivated by this fantastic fragrance.


  • Long-lasting clean fragrance
  • Budget buy


  • The bottle is delicate, so you need to be careful while storing


6. Dreamer by Gianni Versace for men

If you are among those who love romantic and soothing fragrances, then Dreamer by Gianni Versace is definitely your thing! The fresh and aromatic fragrance makes it ideal for teenagers. The alluring fragrance of this cologne by House of Versace is one of its own kind. A perfect blend of tobacco, amber, and tarragon, this perfume is all that one needs to complete a casual outing. Beginning with a flowery note of Lavender and Mandarin, the heart note extends to Geranium and rose and ends with a tinge of Cedar and Tonka Beans. A perfume for the men who dare to love, Dreamer by Gianni Versace amalgamates citrus and sweet elements with utmost accuracy. Wearing it for a date, an outing with friends or even a family get together will surely make everyone around you mesmerized, turning the meet into an unforgettable experience. The benefits of this perfume outshine the pennies spent, hence ensuring regular purchases by all the customers. You can easily grab your favorite bottle from nearby store or any online marketplace.


  • cologne suitable for every type of casual outing.
  • fresh and subtle fragrance
  • Stays for a long time thereby preventing the body odor during hot and humid days.


  • The scent doesn’t match with the party vibe and hence is not preferred by party animals.


7. Davidoff Cool Water EDT Spray for Men

What could be better than a perfume whose top notes smell like that of Lavender and Peppermint! Popularly known for bringing out the masculinity in men, Davidoff cool water spray is inspired by the strength of the ocean and escalates the feeling of reaching new heights in life. Catering to men’s range of cologne, Davidoff’s cool water spray has been giving the feeling of freshness and rejuvenated energy to men for 25 years. Beginning with an aromatic fresh fragrance, the heart and base layers are a perfect blend of geranium and sandalwood. Amber and musk facets add to the fragrance flawlessly, thereby completing the perfect fragrance that one could expect. The sleek masculine packaging of this cologne purely indicates the water lapping against the shores and the blue color totally gives those perfect fresh vibes. No gift can be better than this for the men who love strong manly and seductive fragrances. Loved by women of all ages, this perfume also paves way for a long lasting relationship with your partner. So, don’t miss out on this romantic scent which can spread a new freshness in your life!

Pros :

  • has a really long lasting effect on the body.
  • It adds to the party vibe.
  • perfectly blends with both casual as well as party outfits.

Cons :

  • The sharp smell of this perfume may not be liked by some men.


8. Tommy by Tommy Hilfiger for men

A Citrus aromatic perfume for men, Tommy by Tommy Hilfiger is one of the finest collection offered by the brand. With all three notes different from all other perfumes, Tommy by Tommy Hilfiger has always managed to leave a mark on all its customers. Starting with Mint, Lavender, Grapefruit, and Bergamot, the middle notes range from Cranberry rose to granny smith apple. Nothing could be better than Amber, Cactus and cotton flower to flawlessly finish the base notes. All of these fruity and juicy fragrances feel like early morning dew on the grass and make sure to add charm to your sparkling day. The subtle and refreshing fragrance makes it one of the best options to gift when it comes to perfumes. Offering one of the signature fragrances by Tommy Hilfiger, this perfume becomes a ‘GO TO PERFUME’ for all those who use it even once. Its apt choice for every occasion and for men of every age group. You can use it anywhere and everywhere to spread the minty freshness around you. The captivating fragrance is bound to earn you some cheesy compliments from those around! Be it about arousing a fresh feeling within yourself or about acting as a centre of attraction for all those around you, Tommy by Tommy Hilfiger stands out to be the best among all.


  • really pocket-friendly rates.
  • The soothing fragrance


  • The minty and fruity fragrance of this cologne might not be able to please the smelling sense of some.

9. Bvlgari Pour Homme Soir by Bvlgari for men

For all those who prefer romantic fragrances, Bvlgari Pour Homme Soir manages to top their list. After analyzing the tastes of the new generation, Bvlgari launched Bvlgari Pour Homme Soir in 2006 with fragrances like never before. A fine and perfect blend of papyrus, amber, Darjeeling tea, and bergamot make this cologne by Bvlgari ideal for use by men of any age. The rich and woody scent of this perfume manages to win the heart of millions. The packaging of this perfume speaks in itself and perfectly symbolizes elegance, royalty, and masculinity. Known to stand out in an entire lot of sensuous fragrances, this one can completely redefine any evening. A perfect present for all your male friends and colleagues, Bvlgari can sound like the most thoughtful gift.  All those who switch to this perfume by Bvlgari can never switch to any other range of perfumes. The best part about this cologne is that it leaves a strong impression on everyone you come across but the scent never overpowers. So, its time for you to grab this amazing cologne from amazon or your nearest store. You will definitely not regret this decision!


  • simple and elegant fragrance
  • The woody scent of this cologne leaves everyone around you mesmerized.


  • Very bold and masculine fragrance which might not appeal to many.


10. Polo Black by Ralph Lauren for men

Polo Black by Ralph Lauren can be truly called as a statement for men because of its bold and masculine fragrance. The top heart and last note of this cologne are a perfect example of what we call ‘FUSION’. With a variety of fragrances like never before, this perfume has won hearts of all. Specially designed for the men who are ready to take new challenges in life, this perfume completes the look of the most stylish and elegant men. From work, an outing to parties, it is known to add a sparkle in the best possible way. An authentic design by the house of Ralph Lauren, it boldly fuses mango, silver armoise and patchouli noir to form a fragrance like none other. These ingredients might seem weird while reading but once you smell that exquisite combination created by Ralph Lauren, you would not feel anything absurd. The brand evokes trust and if you are still unsure, you can check the reviews of thousands of customers who are using and loving this product. Its readily available on amazon if you want to purchase online or you can anytime visit your nearby store to get hold of this amazing cologne.Add that classy and fine look to your routine and conquer the world with utmost confidence. this fragrance is all you would need to spread your charm!


  • The woody aromatic fragrance flawlessly compliments the bold look of men.
  • does wonders in case of longevity.
  • the classic scent makes it perfect for every occasion.
  • The bold fusion makes it unique


  • The fragrances of bold mango may not be liked by some people.

Conclusion: Top 10 cologne for men

Your scent is what defines your mood and affects your relationships with the people around you. Then how can you think about compromising with the quality of your cologne? Above is the list of the best cologne for men we found. You can definitely trust any of these, but we recommend the Nautica voyage because of its suitability for every occasion and the price tag. The reviews are also pretty good, so you should surely give it a try!