Nautica Voyage vs Nautica Blue

Nautica Voyage vs Nautica Blue

Nautica does offer some of the best colognes available. From this brand, most of the scents are aquatic based, following a nautical based theme. We’ll narrow down this field and only review two of the best offerings yet – Nautica Blue and Nautica Voyage. These are two popular ocean-based colognes that we feel every guy must’ve tried at some time. Which one is the better buy in terms of performance and scent? Here’s a look at how Voyage precedes over Blue.

Nautica voyage vs Nautica blue

Nautica Voyage Notes: Apple, amber, green leaf, musk, mimosa, cedar

Nautica Blue Notes: Cedar, musk, bergamot, peach, sandalwood, water lily, pineapple.

Scent Profiles

Voyage smells stronger and in this case better for longevity, performance making it the better choice. Blue loses out here, due to the poor projection that doesn’t cut it for most guys or for causal wear either. Daily wear perfumes, colognes should last the entire day keeping more or less the same projection levels. Both are affordable, aquatic colognes though with different accompanying notes.

Top notes

When you first spray the Voyage, you get strong citrus or juicy scent with just a hint of the aquatic, oceanic notes. With Blue, on the other hand, the top notes lean more towards an aquatic and woody blend. Although Blue does have a fruity touch to it, it’s the cedar that becomes more prominent here, but with Voyage, the citrus top notes are distinct – you can easily tell this apart and for a pretty long time after the first spritz. Voyage wins this round because the top notes are strong, rich and not confusing.


Voyage and blue are oceanic in nature and as such, are moderate colognes. Neither has the projection power that some colognes possess. In our opinion, Blue is much lighter than the Voyage and stays close to the skin at all times. Obviously, you use cologne for its scent, so again, the Voyage comes up front.


This depends a lot on the projection. Since Voyage is stronger, the projection is also longer and might even last you a day, if you’re indoors, or at work. When outdoors during the heat, Voyage should last about six to seven hours. Blue takes the back seat here, only because it’s light and might not be suited for outside wear. It would be better to use this as a work wear option, or if you know that you’re going to be indoors.


Both are the kind of colognes that can be worn casually. Summer would be the ideal usage time because they are simple, linear, fresh colognes – they give that fresh citrus aroma without being too cloying. Most users prefer keeping such scents for work, school, the gym and other places where you don’t need to make an impact. Voyage is refined where as Blue is more rough, raw with a dry down that’s more marine and salty.

Take Your Pick

Voyage does have enough fragrance projection in order for it to be taken seriously as a cologne. It isn’t al that pricey either, and so you a lot of people choosing Voyage over Blue. Blue is reserved for work but Voyage is for going out on special occasions. It can be used for daily wear too, but shouldn’t be overdone.

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