Top 4 Best Michael Jordan Cologne

Michael Jordan is a noted American basketball personality who has launched his own lines of perfumes and related toiletries. There have been over 12 different colognes released under his brand for men. It’s popular because they’re affordable and good fragrances. We thought about reviewing the Top 4 Best Michael Jordan Cologne here and found that Michael Jordan Flight was the best.

23 by Michael JordanEau De Cologne Spray

Notes:  grapefruit, black currant, fig leaf, watermelon, musk, magnolia, and geranium 

Launched in 2004, 23 is an invigorating, aromatic fragrance with spicy- citrus and strength. The opening notes can best be described as zesty grapefruit,watermelon, and black currant. This fruity welcome gives way to the more subtle magnolia, geraniumandfig leaf. A warm, inviting musk forms the foundation. The 23 comes in an angular, clear glass bottle with a black stopper and accents and last the entire day.

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  • clean and classic scent
  • mild and pleasant


  • typical floral
  • fruity scent profile
  • almost generic

Our Verdict:

It’s one of those perfumes that are somewhat dated when it comes to the scent profile but is still good to wear, much like the classics. While the perfume is great and pleasant, it doesn’t appear to have the best longevity. Overall, we would rate it as a neutral, nice perfume for its price point that can’t be beaten.

23 is a nice option for young people who are either fans of Michael Jordan or need something regular to wear daily to work, the gym. It won’t do anything for someone over 30 as the smell is a bit too vibrant.

It does have an interesting collection of fruit and flower ingredients that are known for their strength and is pretty refreshing that way, but then 23 isn’t too overwhelming either. Just the right midway mark between strong and mild, but then, it was tough for not to spray too much of throughout the day when testing it for this review as the smell is just too great.

Most people who have tried all of the colognes from Michael Jordan have voted on 23 being their favorite.

Michael Jordan for Men Cologne Spray

Notes: ivy, sage, mandarin orange, bitter orange, bergamot, jasmine, nutmeg, cardamom, pepper, oakmoss, musk and sandalwood

Michael Jordan for Men was launched in 2000 comes in a clear glass flacon with a long silver cap. The opening notes are unmistakably fresh, citrusy and comprise of bergamot, orange, sage, ivy, and bitter orange. The heart is pretty spicy and is filled with cardamom, nutmeg, jasmine, and pepper. The dry down is woodsy, deep has creamy musk, oakmoss,and sandalwood.

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  • good non gourmand scent profile
  • price, freshness, versatility


  • performance limitations
  • linear and unimpressive

Our Verdict

This scent feels safe and clean, soapy, fresh, spicy and sporty but doesn’t expect anything gourmand out of it.  It is at best good for out of the shower, gym. Still, it’s decent, smells fantastic but does have performancelimitations and lasts for four hours, not more than that. Out of the bottle, it’s a likable blend of woodsy, musk and floral, but feels very synthetic.

On application, the lavender and orange dominate this fragrance, and it has a very flowery, fresh, citrusy start. A few minutes later, you are left with a woody, spicy scent, with mild hints of sandalwood and jasmine.

In spite of all that Jordan is a classic masculine white musk scent that is comfortable to wear; and we like the freshness, longevity, and price. Simply put, it’s one of those affordable, inoffensive somewhat linear and clean scents that find yourself reaching out for when wearing your favorite jeans sweatshirts and even to work.

Does it have that “wow’ factor? Not likely, but for those days when you don’t want to smell too gourmand: it’s tough to beat.

Michael Jordan Michael Jordan Cologne for Men

Notes: cypress, cognac, grapefruit, cedar leaves, Brazilian rosewood, lemon, geranium, juniper, lavender, fir, green tea, clary sage, sandalwood, musk, patchouli, and incense.

Michael Jordan Michael Jordan was launched in 1996 and is a classic men’s fragrance. This refreshing scent is a winner in many ways. It opens up on notes of spice, accompanied by geranium, Brazilian rosewood and a host of other fauna. At the heart is a mixture of the fruits, floral woody notes. The sandalwood, patchouli, and musk are also evident here and only appear on the dry down. It comes packaged in a clear glass bottle with a black cap and base.

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  • vibrant and fresh opening
  • understated woody dry down
  • change from previous scents


  • not exactly long lasting
  • lacks punch and sophistication

Our Verdict

In our opinion, Michael Jordan cologne is a nice, cologne that has a wonderful scent that reminded us of freshly cut grass in a forested area in summer. The scent has a sporty vibe to it too with the top notes of lemon and grapefruit hitting us immediately after the first spray.

We really enjoyed the dry down of grass and wood that seemed to linger for hours. Evocative of Drakkar Noir, but while Drakkar Noir is too dark and robust the MJ cologne is less punchy and on the lighter side with an even wider collection of notes. We applaud the basketball bottle design and its price tag too. Longevity and projection on our reviewers were good and lasted all day.

Green, woody and slightly aquatic this fragrance is goof for casual occasions, gym, running errands but doesn’t have great lasting power with average projection. Not exactly groundbreaking, but actually represents the best of sport colognes. It smells good in a clean unpretentious way, but users feel that the aftershave lotion really lasts.

Flight by Michael Jordan For Men Eau De Cologne Spray

Notes: lemon, pepper, sage, bergamot, orange blossom, amber, vetiver, sea moss.

The fifth in the Michael Jordan collection, Flight opens on notes of notes orange blossom and bergamot that are refreshing and strong, while the central notes have all the stronger accords of pepper, sage, cedar and finally dries down to sea moss, vetiver, and amber. The bottles are an upgrade from the earlier collections and feature these textured rubber sides that supposedly represent the Jordan sneakers. It was introduced in 2011 and comes in the 50ml and 100 ml.

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  • reformulated but still good,
  • mild spicy-peppery play
  • versatile
  • mild projection


  • better suited for colder climates

Our Verdict

Apparently, Flight has been reformulated and is completely different now. It was supposed to be as good as YSL L’Homme at one point and that’s saying a lot about this perfume! We checked this out ourselves and the difference was pretty much there but in a good way. This cologne is interesting and it’s bright fruity and seriously masculine at the same time.

We can’t complain about the longevity either given the price of this scent. To us, it was complex and felt as though it was a combination of YSL’s La Nuit de L’Homme and L’Homme. Then the opening notes gradually play into this spicy, strong pepper notes but isn’t a pungent as Sauvage or Villain. We also noticed some woodiness just before the amber and vetiver kick in.

So Flight is pretty versatile, we’ll give you that, and might work great from April through November when it’s cold. It projects moderately about half an hour and then lingers on for six more. We’d give this one and 8 out of 10 and it’s the best out of these four fragrances reviewed here. It belongs to the ‘His Royal Airness’ fragrance line