How To Choose a Cologne

How To Choose a Cologne

Wearing a Cologne can serve as an exciting way of conducting personal grooming. However, given the plethora of options available, it might prove to be pretty cumbersome to take the final call. This is where we come in to educate you about the varying choices and how to choose the one which blends in seamlessly with your style and personality.

How to Choose a Right Cologne

A Cologne having wood or oriental notes are tailor-made for being worn during fall and winter seasons. These earthy tones bearing scents of cedar, sandalwood, and vetiver perfectly complements the chilly weather in stark contrast to the light and floral scents which again can serve as the best pick during summer and spring season. With the rise in Celsius, it becomes imperative to opt for a cologne which enhances the season’s flavor. Fruity, floral, water, green and citrus scented colognes are thus ideal for being worn during the summer season. Some Popular Brands like Nautica, Burberry or Calvin Klein Colognes are made with elements that adapt according to the temperatures.


If you are thinking of what to wear during night time, then spicy and musky scents can suffice you pretty well. So, whether you are going out to a party, for a dinner date or getting dressed for a work event, you can easily add to your charisma by spraying on some oriental, woody, musky, mossy and spicy colognes to set the stage for the night. Colognes having floral and citrus scents are ideal for being worn during the daytime as it doesn’t come off as overpowering. Lighter and softer fragrances having floral, citrus, sweet and fresh scents can keep your back for everyday use whether you are going to school or for work.


While picking out a fragrance, you should ideally test different options before deciding on your signature aroma. However, the one you pick needs to come with a long-lasting element so that you don’t need to re-apply it during the day. A cologne having high oil content can keep your back throughout the day. One having low oil content can serve as your pick if you do not wish for the scent to come off as overpowering or excessively strong.


It is advisable to smell tea or coffee for refreshing your palate in between testing different colognes. If you do not follow this procedure, then the smell of the previous spray can get into the way and cloud your judgment concerning the new scent. Testing the cologne on paper cards is not advisable since you cannot get a full picture out of the same. It also becomes tricky to gauge how the aroma will suit your personality in this way. While testing the cologne, you should ideally spray it on each inner elbow for a stronger scent.


It is essential to develop a full sense of the smell prior to taking the purchase call. You can thus wait for an hour and ponder over the available options before purchasing the one which defines you to the core. As the scent mixes with your skin, its aroma might change in a gradual fashion. If you wish to test the same throughout a week before coming to a conclusion, then you can ask the store manager for sample vials of your preferred colognes.


The opinion of your friends and family is extremely important while taking the final purchase call. However, don’t forget to test the perfume yourself even if your best friend can swear his life while recommending the same. At the end of the day, you need to lay special emphasis on your gut for deciding the one you wish to purchase. If you are comparatively new to the territory of colognes, then it is advisable to purchase a small bottle first and slowly go for a bigger one once you develop a flair for the same.


Rules Of Cologne Application

The Cologne needs to be sprayed directly on dry skin after a shower as your skin remains comparatively clean and can thus retain the aroma for long. Your pores tend to open up after shower thus making the scent stronger. Applying cologne on a clean slate is always better as no one wants to spend the whole day smelling like a weird mixture of cologne and body odor. Choosing a light scented or fragrance-free soap can also be of great help in accentuating the aroma of your cologne since the scented ones tend to cover up or alter the cologne smell.


The spray nozzle should be held at a distance of 3-6 inches from the spot where you are spraying it in. If you are a newcomer in the mesmeric world of fragrances, then it is advisable to start with a single spray on your chest and slowly target different areas once you master this aromatic art.


The application of cologne, however, needs to be restricted to the heat areas wherein the scent will be pushed by your body heat throughout the day for emitting a lovely scent trail which is popularised by the name of sillage. You can start from the warmest spots of your body such as the neck, chest, wrist, lower jaw, inner elbow, forearm, and shoulder although you shouldn’t spray on all these areas simultaneously.


The cologne should be reapplied only when necessary and in accordance with the longevity of its aroma. In most of the cases, a good cologne can keep your back throughout the first half of the day. Although rubbing cologne into the skin apparently seems like a sensible thing to do, it actually breaks up the molecular bond thus weakening the scent. Several experts advocate spraying cologne in thin air and walking through the mist. But in reality, this idea is not of much use as most of the cologne drops straight into the floor.


While applying cologne from a bottle, you need to take a finger and press it against your bottle’s opening after which the bottle needs to be tipped over slightly. You need to understand that your signature smell should ideally be discovered and not announced. Thus, less is always more when it comes to applying colognes so that you can bask in its aroma rather than getting overpowered by the same.