Best Bond No 9 Cologne For Him 2020

Best Bond No 9 Cologne For Him 2020

You’ve probably heard of this cologne company called Bond No. 9. This is an American fragrance brand that composes scents meant for New York City, drawing inspiration from the life it holds and the people that call this beautiful place home. Started up in 2003, you can now find hundreds of colognes stores, with the most recent launched in 2019.  

We’ll be honest with you – Bond No. 9 fragrances and colognes are pricey! You might not find anything under $100, with many of them going above $200! But, they have a pretty awesome collection and if you’re a collector or just obsessed with smelling really good, then you need to have at least one type of Bond No 9 on your dressing stand. Each bottle of cologne represents the character of the things, places they’re named after. We’ve chosen 10 of the best and left you some links to check them out.

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Best Bond No 9 Colognes For Him 2020

1) The Wall Street

Obviously named after one of New York’s most famous landmarks – Wall Street. The company says that they tried to recreate the feeling of big-time bankers dressed in the best suits with a subtle hint of fancy cologne. It is an androgynous scent really and even comes is a black and gold bottle, reminiscent of the famous Trump Tower.

Notes include cucumber, sea kale, lavender, ozone, vetiver, musk ambergris, and marine notes. When first sprayed, there is a very citrusy cologne scent with little change till the dry down. After that, you should mostly get an orange scent with floral synthetics with it.  


  • Good spring/ summer cologne
  • Strong notes of lime and vetiver


  • Use of marine and sea notes
  • Might be a more masculine composition


To replicate that Wall Street spirit, Bond No 9 decided to go with a composition that was crisp, aquatic and cool, where one can compare it to bottled cucumber water – the premium stuff. But it is without a doubt a fresh scent and you can easily wear it throughout a workday and has lasting power. We recommend this one for anyone who loves aquatic scents. What we don’t get is why Bond No.9 added a marine note to this scent: as one wouldn’t associate the sea with the financial district. Probably for those notes of freshness – we’ll let you decide that one.

Although it says that its a unisex cologne, scent might appeal more to men instead. Oh! It might even be a good gift for guys who love expensive scents suited for the office. 

2) Chinatown

The Chinatown is supposed to be more on the seductively romantic side. As expected, the top note is a powerful punch of orange blossom that has been mixed with tuberose, patchouli, and sweet gardenia. With so many florals, this one is for the ladies and it even got this beautiful pink and white bottle too. On one side you have white flowers on a fuschia plane and on the other side, its the reverse. The perfume was launched in 2005 and also comes in a Swarovski crystals bottle as well. Chinatown is spicy, sweet with the powerful fragrances of bergamot mixed in with the peach blossoms. At the heart, you will find honey, tuberose, gardenia, peony on a base comprising of cardamom, sandalwood, soft vanilla, cedar, and Guiac wood. Truly floriental in every way and packaged in a bottle that reflects that spirit.         


  • A floral and spicy scent
  • Long-lasting and a nice dry down


  • Too rich, heady and bitter for some
  • Moderate sillage and projection


This wonderful scent is more on the floral side and is composed so well that you can never really overdo it, should you spray too much of it. Another interesting part is that you can actually get various notes of it throughout the day beginning with those spicy, intense notes. Some might confuse the flower and spice mix with something more like creamy vanilla, woody floral that might remind one of candy. Each note is interpreted differently each time its worn with some mistaking the orange blossom with pineapple. Sophisticated, complex and open to individual interpretation, Chinatown belongs to all cologne collectors.  

3) The Scent of Peace Cologne

Bond No 9’s Scent of Peace cologne is aromatic and woody, although it might appear more floral to some and is for men. It is brimming with confidence and energy, with the top notes primarily consisting of pineapple, juniper berries, and bergamot. In the middle, currant buds have been added for a subtle sweetness. After the dry down, you will get smoky, dry, vetiver and cedar notes that balance out the fruity additions.   

This is, in fact, the guy’s version of The Scent of Peace EDP for women that the company had launched in 2003. The women’s edition comes in this beautiful lilac bottle and the men’s edition comes in an indigo bottle with a black tie on it for that sharp look.    


  • Great casual wear scent
  • Unisex, light, and fresh musky
  • Long-lasting


  • Heavy sillage
  • Very powerful scent


We think that this is the kind of scent you need for a date or a big meeting, as it’s enticing and pleasantly light. It starts out with a spicy, pineapple touch but a few hours later, the sillage is noticeable but not overwhelming. Still, it is recommended that you stick with a maximum of one or two sprays only! This isn’t because of the kind of scent you itself, but the strength of it. In one sense, this is good for all seasons and should have no problem cutting through the coldest winter air. To get a better idea of the scent – think of Christain Dior’s Sauvage or Aventus or a mix of two.

4) The New Harlem Cologne

This was one of the first colognes that Bond No 9 released way back in 2003, and you might not be able to find it easily as its been discontinued. It is also a pretty unique scent too – with an interesting composition of coffee, cedar, bergamot, and lavender. This is complemented by the sweetness of the vanilla and tonka bean. So what you get is the rich warmth of amber surrounded by sweet compositions and would be a better option for winters.   


  • Long-lasting
  • Heavy sillage


  • Stronger coffee notes might not appeal to some


A highly potent, yet loveable patchouli and coffee blend. Anyone that does live in the Harlem area will say that it is a true reminder of the iconic landmarks like the Cotton Club, Apollo Theatre and Small’s Paradise. We think so too and feel that Harlem is gourmand fragrance at its finest. Certain herbal qualities prevent the cologne from becoming too sweet, keeping it linear. Although it does say that it can be worn for all seasons, we feel that since it’s rich, ambery and heavy; that it’s meant for winter.     

And it’s not just that distinct coffee strain, but the notes of vanilla, bergamot, and lavender that come into play later on. So what you eventually are left with is a blend of woody and sweet notes. Nice, interesting, rare, get it if you can.   

5) I Love New York Cologne

The I Love New York cologne is inspired by the city’s free, energetic, fast-paced and everlasting vivacity. This cologne is part of a collection that comprises of fifteen other scents and comes in a blue bottle. The cologne has been made for the man that’s got the typical New York lifestyle, loves outdoor adventures a lot and is multi-faceted.  

One can get the dedication to this lifestyle on the top notes that comprise of ginger, grapefruit zest, juniper berry that give you that electric energy. Then after the dry down and when you get that riveted attention, the scent becomes softer with sophisticated and thoughtful notes of lavender, patchouli, geranium, and a leather accord. At the end of the day, you should be left with musk, sandalwood, labdanum with amber.

Pros: long-lasting, heavy sillage, good performance

Cons: unoriginal citrus blend, strong projection


Everything about this cologne screams ‘gets up and go’. We have never seen composition have so much character before. Where it’s smoky, sensual but still in control. The actual scent is masculine but isn’t overpowering and you have that energetic, fruity spritz in the morning and finish off with a lighter lavender, patchouli mix on a woody base. This is an easy to wear fragrance and is better suited for daily use. In our opinion, the dry down is more sweet with mild notes of ginger, musk, and citrus are thrown in, but eventually mellows down to soft but distinct sandalwood.   

6) Bond No 9 I Love New York for Holiday Cologne

This is another edition of the I Love New York collection and is a floral fruity gourmand fragrance. So, the top notes are apricot, mandarin orange, fennel, nutmeg, pomegranate, freesia. The base notes are praline, musk, leather, and patchouli. Everything about the cologne brings you back to those fond memories of a winter Christmas and cookies. How Bond No 9 managed to do that we’ll never know, but we’re glad that they did.

Unlike other scents made for the holidays, the I Love New York Holiday has that spicy, fruity composition but isn’t too heavy. The top notes are strong, but that fades away to something lighter and more pleasant. In this way, its a pretty rare scent and great for Christmas dinner with the family. It is tough to find anything wrong with this scent. It does give you a subtle tartness, soapy musk that may not appeal to everyone.


  • Long-lasting
  • Medium sillage


  • Soapy musk
  • Tartness


The scent is beautiful for the winter because of an interesting fruity mix that makes you think of gingerbread and candy during Christmas! The scent does a fine job of bringing about holiday reminiscence that we feel is made much better with notes of praline and apricot. The fragrance is sweeter and isn’t cloying and a few sprays should last you the day, with medium sillage for a more comforting scent. A lot of people have compared this scent to Thierry Mugler’s Angel fragrance because of the strong patchouli notes.

You might be disappointed that you won’t get those very strong chocolate praline notes like what we get out of BodyShop’s Chocomania but it is more on the gourmand side and less on the herbal side. Still, it is a very good take on holiday fragrance, and we like that it reminds us of all things wintery and Christmas.  

7) Bond No 9 Queens Colognes

The Queens fragrance comes in a purple bottle with a globe on one side and the letter Q on the other. Tuberose is the main note here but the top notes comprise of cardamom, blackberries, and bergamot. the notes of tuberose, osmanthus and Champa flowers come in much later as the fragrance begins drying down. Recommended for evening and fall wear, because that’s when the fragrance really performs well.  


  • Long-lasting
  • Heavy sillage
  • Fresh floral composition


  • Leans on the feminine side and might be too floral and sensual for men.


We like this one a lot. It is definitely more on the flowery side, but not to feminine keeping in mind that this is a unisex cologne. There are very light notes of fruit or berry in it and for some reason, it reminds us of Chinatown, (possible the tuberose). Those that aren’t big fans of the Chinatown cologne but want something similar, could try Queens. It might be a bit overpowering for the first hour or so but after, just pleasant, light and inviting.

It’s comfortable to wear to work too and a break from the aquatic and citrusy offerings altogether. Bond No 9 is right in recommending it for fall because we feel that this might be too light for summer and winter.         

8) New York Sandalwood Cologne

Launched in 2014, the New York Sandalwood Cologne belongs to a collection dedicated to several raw materials. This cologne, as the name suggests has been inspired by sandalwood, and you might even come across several hints of it in their other compositions. So obviously, sandalwood is the most important note and after that, you have notes of amber, musk, oud, patchouli.

The intention is to create a fragrance that is warm, precious, milky, creamy top notes and during the dry down, to leave you with a woody trail. New York Sandalwood can be defined as a woody and oriental composition and you can pick up mild notes of the carrot if you smell closely. In fact, it starts with these carrot notes that are sweet, fresh and earthy and it’s blended into cardamom and orris. These two essences add a powdery, spacy accord to the composition and create that milky, creamy sandalwood heart.

Bond No 9 had sweetened this composition by adding ripe fig for juiciness and papyrus for a drier, more aromatic note. After the dry down, notes of oakmoss, honey amber and musk are more evident.

New York Sandalwood comes in a flacon that represents the character of sandalwood – in a mellow, gold and brown color.


  • Mild Powdery Notes,
  • The soft and warm woodiness


  • Moderate sillage
  • Moderate longevity


Clearly, this is meant for those that love sandalwood and prefer mild, warm, clean scents. It is a pleasant scent, we’ll give you that and is persistent with that sweetness. The cologne can be best described as one of the classic scents that only bring out a few strong notes and not overwhelm you with an array to note playing into each other.

A somewhat simple and clean composition that can be worn daily, to work and even stands out for evening wear. Most would think that it is a woody scent from start to finish, but in this cologne, that woodiness comes out very gradually. If you want something that isn’t complicated, is mild but still has some pretty decent projection, then the New York Sandalwood is your pick.

9) I Love NY, Fathers Day Edition

The Fathers Day cologne is a part of Bond No 9’s I Love New York collection. It is meant for modern men who built and now define the Empire State. The press release says that it’s a cologne that’s easy to wear and love. When one thinks of the typical father, they envision hard-working men that stick to this no-nonsense approach to everything. Dads that are unpretentious, like being out in the yard and love all things fresh and green will appreciate this scent. The cologne opens on a zesty, invigorating note of fresh lime, accompanied by coriander and basil.  

Pros: aromatic, fresh and spicy, average longevity, good sillage

Cons: average smell, regular wear, might be a bit too bitter for some due to the basil notes.


The I Love NY Fathers Day cologne gives you a break from those heavy, complex fragrances that are nice, but when you want something casual and relaxed. What surrounded us was a vibrant and green mist that made us think back to shimmering, warm dew one sees when sunshine hits blades of grass. So it is more light, fresh and made for those carefree summer days. The cologne does feel very classic and might be suited to men in their forties.      

We also think that it’ more citric than herbal, but the leaves add more depth to that sour, slightly watery citrus. One also gets this mild elegance lent by the subtle sage and dry lavender notes. There are hints of grapefruit that make Fathers Day slightly floral, but without affecting those masculine notes. It gets closer to your skin as it begins drying and then you get this simple blend comprising of powdery amber, gentle muskiness, tree moss that add virility and strength to the fragrance.

This a great, olfactory fragrance for the modern dad that is strong, straight forward, sensitive, approachable yet masculine. Meant to be worn during those fun, casual and relaxed times like playing ball or Fathers Day dinner.

10) H.O.T Always

Bond No 9’s H.O.T Always cologne is a Chypre Woody cologne launched in 2003. It is a sensual, classic fragrance that meant the stylish and mature NY guy who prefers subdued scents. The cologne is seriously bold and two to three sprays should do. Bond No 9 describes this cologne as a tenacious, voluptuous, strong, warm and woody.

With that, there are loud top notes of cinnamon that are luxurious, harmonious that are made strong with dark wood and masculine notes. The more prominent notes are cinnamon, leather patchouli.

The H.O.T Always cologne is great for that additional heat and warmth during the coldest winter days. It is definitely for evening wear and is suited for the confident man who is thirty and over and likes classy fragrances.       


  • Warm, spicy, musky and patchouli keynotes  


  • Leather accord isn’t outstanding
  • The scent is more for teens and younger people
  • Edgy but short opening


The H.O.T Always cologne also has it’s three key phases. They consist of warm aromatics and spices that lend that heat and do an excellent job of approximating spicy notes of chili peppers. In this cologne, you do have that spice play but its surrounded by subdued florals, mostly rose and patchouli infused accords of leather.

We feel that this initial note of spice is rugged, very well done and kind of reminds us of the barbershop a bit. The patchouli is there in the background as the florals become through and get stronger. After some time, the patchouli comes to the foreground, along with the leathery notes.

At this point, the scent came close to what we get from Givenchy’s Gentleman, where it maintains that initial balance for a few hours before the vetiver and leather comes through after the dry down.       

The H.O.T Always cologne is known for its discreet, close sillage and longevity of an appreciable six-hour duration on your skin. It does feel dangerously similar to the Givenchy’s Gentleman but doesn’t have that civet that Gentleman’s vintage version has. Overall, it’s hollow because it lacks sensuality that most warm fragrances have.

When compared with the Givenchy Gentleman, it lacked body, dimension, that civet and the spicy aspects aren’t all that smooth. Of course, we’ll admit that it is an unfair comparison and that it’s definitely worth the effort as it’s one the better Bond No 9 colognes – the Givenchy reminisce, near novel notes is enough to give you an idea of what you’ll get