How To Apply Colognes Without Spray

How To Apply Colognes Without Spray

The application of cologne can be compared to an art which can mark your final transition into manhood when perfected with practice.

Don’t we all wish to be the best smelling guy in the room!

A Good Cologne can serve as your answer to this query as it boosts up your self-confidence and oozes out your sex appeal. A man wearing cologne radiates a certain swagger which is bound to make women want to get up, close and personal with him.

How to Apply Cologne without Spray

Applying cologne in the right manner, however, can prove to be quite a challenge. Excess application of the same will cause the aroma to enter the room much before you do and minimal application might not be of much use as you start sweating shortly and it all melts away. The art of cologne application also caters to the exact pulse points as well as means of application for ensuring its long-lasting effect.

The best time to apply cologne is directly after the shower since your skin is warm, damp and free of dirt thus serving as the ideal option for complete absorption of the same. If you cannot shower prior to applying the non-spray cologne, then it is advisable to apply some non-scented lotion as the moisture content will help in retaining the aroma for long.

Fragrance-packed lotions and body washes are infamous for altering the signature scent of your cologne. Thus, they need to be avoided at all cost if you wish to retain the original aroma of your cologne. These body washes and fragrances can make your cologne smell excessively intense, sweet or even sour in extreme cases. You can thus keep your skin free from all other fragrances so that the cologne can perform in the best way possible.

Your wrists, neck and similar pulse points which emit more heat when compared to your other body parts can serve as the ideal spot for applying cologne. These areas are stacked with blood vessels which ensure that your scent won’t fade away like sunlight on a chilly February afternoon. You should also avoid the application of cologne in those zones which are most vulnerable to sweat as this will simply cause the scent to fade away quickly. Armpits and lower back are two such zones where your cologne won’t last long.

It is advisable to use the same brand of cologne as that of your aftershave since layering of various scents might not prove to be a good idea. By doing this, you might just end up with multiple aromas emitting out of your body wherein one doesn’t flatter the other. While certain fragrance experts advocate the dabbing of cologne on your clothes particular atop your jacket or shirt with some directed at your neck and the remaining on your collar, others are wary about is an application since some colognes might stain your clothes.

Although most colognes can retain its smell throughout the day even after being applied at the very morning, there is absolutely nothing wrong with its reapplication provided the acidity level of your body reacts in a proper fashion with the oils present in the cologne. Every bottle of cologne comes with a specified shelf life ranging from 3 to 5 years. Thus, you need to pay special attention to the expiration date printed on your bottle for unleashing its utmost potential. Old cologne has a tendency of smelling like alcohol after the passage of its expiry date. It is also not advisable to take your chances on that first date with a bottle of cologne which has been lying unused for long.

The ability of a cologne to deliver effective and long-lasting fragrance depends to a huge extent on its storage. You need to be disciplined and diligent while dealing with these aromatic beauties. Instances are not rare when people get sloppy and leave their cologne atop their bedside table which in turn causes the fragrance to break down faster following a rapid change in its temperature. Thus, it is advisable to store your cologne in a dark and cool place so that you can emit an intoxicating aroma whenever you step out in the same.

The ideal means of applying cologne is to dab it rather than rubbing on your wrists as that can dull top notes and cause the perfume to mix up with the natural oils of your body thus bringing a massive alteration in its smell.

Maintaining a proper diet and keeping away from smoking can usher in positive effects on your body which in turn helps in accentuating the effect of your cologne. Consumption of greasy and spicy food while gulping down beer will just alter your scent by making you sweat profusely which as we all know might not be of much help in retaining that enchanting aroma.

When it comes to deciding on the optimal quantum of cologne which is required to make you smell exquisite, there is no definite measure. You can, however, use common sense as a helpful guide in this regard. Thus, if someone is standing in close proximity to you in a manner which is unaffected by the smell, then you have applied just the right amount. However, if the aroma is constantly infiltrating your nostrils, then chances are high that you have overdone the same. You can even inquire about the smell from your friends to be sure about its right level.

A cologne should never be used as a substitute for soap as hygiene and luxury are two completely different things. Masking your body odor by not taking a proper bath and just dabbing layers of cologne can never be an option. Excess application of cologne can also trigger unwanted physical issues especially if you are spending time with someone who is vulnerable to asthma and migraine attacks.

So, let the cologne function like a helpful weapon of your arsenal rather than using it like a bazooka. Place it on with care rather than dousing yourself with it.